Software Development Student,
from Copenhagen.

Hello, I'm Veronique
This is my website personal.
I use it for practice, fun and giggles

This website is still under construction

About Me

Current occupation:

I am studying a BA in software development at

KEA – Copenhagen school of design and technology.

I expect to graduate:


End of

My focus is on front-end web, design and development.
I have a passion for the structure and logic of coding and find joy in the connection between the code and the visual.
I have an interest in things that not only look visually good, but also is a pleasure and easy to use. I love the thought of making something out of nothing.


Computer Science

During my studies I worked with back-end and front-end. On each semester we worked on different technologies, such as: Java, MySql, Web and various software processes. On the 4th semester we had to choose 3 elective course and I chose: Python, Angular and iOS apps (Swift). We also used tools, such as: IntelliJ, VSC, MySQL Workbench and Xcode. During my studies there have been 2 examination projects so far. My first project was a archive management system and the second one was a website in a form of a portfolio that later could be develop into a webshop.

Software Development

This education is a top-up for my Computer science degree. It consists of 3 semesters. The first one we worked on, and learn about testing, databases and data science (elective course). The second semester was about system integration, development of large system and web application development (elective course). The last semester will consists a 10-week internship and a bachelor project. Each semester is finshed of with exams. Some of my projects can be found on my github account. I am currently at the end of 2 semester preparing for my exams.